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No foundation or organization can ever stand without financial support! Money is a big resource that determines the rate of growth of any institution. This is why we are asking for financial support. 

This specific donation would go directly to the foundation’s needs. We have a number of things that we want to acquire to be more effective. Here are some things you can directly donate for the purposes of executing our vision. 

  • We are praying about renting a big house in town that can work as a mission house and office. Here we want to be able to hold devotions at given times with each team so that we can keep helping them grow in the Christian faith. This place will also be open to all our friends out there who might want to come down here and run some programs. We would be able to give them good housing, ensure their security, and make sure they have good meals and have a great time serving in our communities. You can specifically give a monthly donation to help meet the bills since we have not yet acquired a place of our own.


  • You can give a donation for a monthly internet subscription for the foundation. Data is a big resource because we have a lot of content to keep sharing on our website and other pages and these require data to access the internet. You can give a donation specifically for this need. 

  • You can give a donation to the procurement of streaming devices like laptops, cameras, phones, black magic, and many others. These are needed because we want to start streaming most of our activities in the pitch but also our devotions at the mission house. 


  • Also, our 5-year plan is to build a baseball complex that needs about 25 acres of land. You can give a donation towards the acquisition of land and once we have the land we are going to put up the facilities. This is going to help us centralize activities and also has many benefits to it. You can make a donation specifically for this project. 

“A feast is prepared for laughter, and wine makes life happy, and money is the answer for everything.” Ecclesiastes 10:19 

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