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   Jesus in His ministry on earth encountered very many people who had needs and the Bible says that He had compassion on them and met their needs. We have through time seen the struggle at the homes of our players and felt compassion. Most of these boys and girls are work hard, but they are not able to have an education because their families can’t afford to send them to school. Over the years, we have tried our best to see them in school. We show compassion to them buy feeling the struggle they go through and we try to have them in school.


   Since 2014, with the help of compassionate people all over the world, we have managed to have over 15 players in school. However, the need is still big. We train baseball in about four communities and a lot of these players don’t go to school. You can surely be someone who helps meet a need to sponsor a child in school. Training a child who does not go to school is like training a child who has no food at home! These are all basic needs that children everywhere should have. We shall be grateful to have you sponsor a child. In this sponsorship here is its breakdown. 

1. Tuition 

2. Hostel fees 

3. School requirements 

4. Personal requirements of the player at school 


We pray that God will bless you for your support to meet a player’s need to be in school. 



   Our foundation usually organizes tournaments so that our teams are able to keep playing games. Right now we have 4 teams in various communities. To bring these teams together for a tournament and clinics there a number of things that require facilitation in terms of money. So you can directly choose to sponsor any of these teams to be able to engage in all activities. Among the things that need facilitation for each team are: 

1. Transport to the games or clinics 

2. Medical kit for each of these teams. 

3. Feeding since the tournaments begin in the morning and end in the evening. 

4. Coaches and umpires stipends are provided by each team

5. Refreshments 

6. Equipment


   Those are the major areas that need facilitation. So you can surely help sponsor a team to be able to meet any of those items. We thank you for reaching out on our website and we pray God will richly bless you. 



You can get involved by becoming a volunteer. And how can you do this? 

  • You can volunteer right here in Uganda. You can come over and do clinics with teams or coaches. You can help in the building of structures! You can help run discipleship classes! 

  • You can become a Pearl Baseball Ambassador! You represent us in your country! You help us accomplish our vision across the world! You help us mobilize resources from your circle of influence. How wonderful is it to have you as our representative in your community! Let's multiply! Let's conquer the nations for Christ with America's Pastime. We shall soon make it Africa's favorite pastime! 


   There is a saying in Uganda that “That which is in a corporation with unity are the ones that get to bite the meat!” This means that corporate support is one of the major ways of achieving great success given any goal! 

   Once we have identified the needs that need a lamp sum of money, for example for purposes of travel of a team for games out of the country, a big project like the construction of the baseball complex, travel of the foundation's officers to international duties, you would team up with a group of people in your circle of influence and help to raise a percentage of the funds required to achieve the purpose. 

   You can contact us if you would like to do a corporate donation. And this could actually be done to as small as a family or a team of best friends! 

Because of your support to our foundation we speak the blessings of this verse to you! 

“And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:19 

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